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Bill on the Issues facing Virginia's 68th District. 

Tax Code  Reform

Bill believes our money shouldn't be taxed on the money we earn, but instead on the money we spend. Bill thinks it's time that we do away with taxing people's earned income and replace that revenue with an added tax on the products and services we purchase with our money. Those that do not make a livable wage would be issued a rebate of sorts. By doing this, Virginia could save more money or spend more by investing in the economy. This is a common sense solution that people in both parties should find in agreement.


Honest Government

Like the referee in football, Bill will call the fouls when our government is making mistakes. There are two things Bill believes will make the state government more honest. First, Bill favors term limits for Delegates and Senators in order to keep our elected officials more accountable. Second, Bill supports the idea of a non-partisan redistricting commission to do away with the gerrymandering agenda bias to which party is in power. Our elected officials should represent solid communities, not lines on a map.  

Regional Cooperation

In order to get the Counties of Henrico and Chesterfield and the City of Richmond working together, we must promote regional cooperation for the betterment of transportation of residents and visitors alike. Bill will work closely with the Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (RMTA, formerly the RMA) and the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) to expand upon regional transportation network ideas like Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail. Connecting the entire region with a good public transportation system would bring us more jobs and better our economy!



Through regional cooperation, Bill believes our area schools should work together in investing in a Workforce Development Fund to increase funding for our local community colleges. The Richmond region should compete with other regions for jobs, not our individual localities.


For our children to be ready for college and the workforce, Bill believes technology and textbooks should be funded by the state by way of funds generated by the Virginia Lottery, just as they were intended to do in the past. Schools shouldn’t be funded based on how well they do on the failed SOL testing program.

To provide greater opportunity for all children to succeed, Bill wants to establish a HOPE (Helping Outstanding People Educationally) Scholarship system. These Scholarships should also be funded through the Virginia Lottery system and will provide free college tuition based on merit. Eligibility will be based on academic performance in high school as well as continued success while enrolled in college. If a student is able to maintain a certain grade point average, he or she will have the opportunity to graduate with little to no debt, all while breaking the chains of poverty.


Transportation and Jobs

Bill believes government should encourage job creation, for people of all income levels. Job creation also includes making jobs accessible to the workforce through public transportation. Here in the Richmond area, regional cooperation could fix the broken link between the workforce and jobs with the expansion of a stronger regional transportation system operated by the Greater Richmond Transit Company.


Women’s Rights

Bill believes the government should not have a part in women’s reproductive decisions. Bill is pro-choice and believes a woman's healthcare concerns should be between the woman and her physician. His opponent supported and voted for both the ultrasound and personhood bills which severely restrict women's reproductive rights. Bill opposes both of these bills, and if elected, Bill will oppose any legislation aimed solely to restrict a woman’s choice. Bill would also favor legislation to close the gender pay gap.



Bill believes affordable and comprehensive healthcare should be easily accessible to all Virginians. Right now 400,000 people across the Commonwealth are without the same options as many across the country.  Virginia has always led in many core quality life issues, healthcare should not be an exception. In the Virginia House of Delegates, Bill will work toward the expansion of Medicaid and other healthcare services because access to healthcare is a human right. We have a responsibility to make sure all of our families have the opportunity to access care. 



Bill believes everyone should be treated fairly under the the rights guaranteed them by the constitution and the law. Bill would repeal any laws that discriminate against any Virginian based on their race, creed, sexual orientation, or background.


Voting Rights

The right to vote is the definition of democracy. Bill opposes policies aimed at marginalizing Virginia’s voters. Bill does not object to a photo ID for voting as long as it is easy to obtain for eligible voters. For example, when a person registers to vote, the election commission should provide a photo ID along with the voter registration card.


Gun Rights

In line with most gun owners, Bill believes owning a gun requires certain responsibilities such as proper training and permits. Guns should not be easily accessible to those who cannot properly handle the responsibility of handling a lethal weapon. To make that happen, he favors legislation that would require background checks for all gun sales as well as close all loopholes to buying firearms such as gun shows and pawn shops. Safety and responsibility should be a priority for all Virginians.



Bill understands the economic challenges Virginia faces with the aging population. Bill strongly believes in essential programs like Medicare and Social Security—which seniors have been paying for their entire lives— and will work to preserve and protect a secure and healthy retirement for seniors.


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